Life Planning - FREE Coaching

In 2004 we retained a life coach to help us build the life we the time we had a successful real estate business, but we were very unhappy because we had no time to enjoy our life! Our coach asked us, "why are you working so hard"? This was the beginning of the exhausting, but exhilarating development of our very first life plan - one that we have continued to modify every year. 

We now offer the six week FREE Life Planning Program to YOU our Youthful Lifestyle team. So what do you get during this program?

You will receive a series of six weekly assignments via video. The videos are short and sweet, BUT if you want this to be successful you will need to allocate 3-5 hours per week, if you are married or have a partner, it is beneficial to do this project at the same time. You will of course be working on your independent life hopes and dreams, but together you will build your joint life plan. It is fun, and you will learn a lot about yourself and each other! If you are single or choose to do this on your own - no problem, you will also dig deep and learn a lot about yourself!

By the end of the 6 weeks - you will have discovered what is important to you, and your partner, you will negotiate the priorities in your life and you will discuss how you will get there. You will then create your own Life Plan for 1, 3 and 5 years - which you will continue to modify as you go!

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