Diffusing Barbotine Style

The historical physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy are well documented, and I find it amazing that the simple act of breathing high quality essential oil molecules, through the nose and into the brain, can create such impactful positive change.  I had this impression that it just added a nice smell. Conversely breathing in man-made chemical air fresheners can be toxic, especially to children. According to Wikipedia:

Air fresheners are consumer products used in homes, or commercial products used in restrooms, that typically emit fragrance. There are many different methods and brands of air freshener. Some of the different types of air fresheners include sprays, candles, oils, gels, beads, and plug-ins. Some air fresheners contain chemicals that provoke allergy and asthma symptoms or are toxic. 

Our family has been using diffused medicinal grade essential oils for the past four years, with significant results. Most notably the mood in the house has been lifted: I was able to improve my menopause - related depression/anxiety and our 18 year old son has depended on the aromatic benefits of In Tune (Focus blend) for improved homework focus, better sleep habits, reduced migraine frequency and overall balanced hormones - adding to a harmonious home (parents of teens will know what I am saying).

The electronic cold diffusers have been a great addition to our home - we have them in the bedrooms and in the living room - but recently I met Emilie! Emilie Fourmestraux is a French pottery artist, living in The Hague with her Scottish partner. Emilie studied art in France before moving to The Netherlands 13 years ago. and has been practicing her pottery in her home. About a year ago Emilie combined her love of Barbotine pottery, flowers and essential oils - and created a lovely collection of Barbotine pottery diffusers. These beautifully glazed flowers have a porous center where you can add one or two drops of essential oils and voila! How seemingly befitting that most essential oils come from a plant or flower, and in this natural diffuser the scent comes from a flower! This very effective and yet charmingly simple diffuser comes in a variety of styles from tabletop flowers - small to large, to necklaces, magnets and brooches. I find their subtlety to be their charm, plus the fact they work all the time and are not reliant on electricity - so placing one in a bathroom is ideal.

Emilie and I will be attending several markets together, and we welcome you to come experience her Barbotine flower diffusers along with a wonderful essential oil. On Sunday, July 8th we will be at The British School Arts & Crafts Market from 12:30 - 16:00 at Senior School Voorschoten and in November we will join The American Women's Club of The Hague Holiday Bazaar at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague. If you are interested in ordering your own Barbotine flower diffuser you may shop via her Etsy Barbotine Pottery shop (for friends and family - email me at for a discount code). If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and their benefits please email me so I can send you some information.
Add a little healthy sunshine to your home or pick up a unique handmade gift.

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