The Arrival of 2Cocoon Scarves

Do you love style, warmth, friendship and comfort? Well so do I, and I have a new favorite accessory that embraces all of these things.

I recently attended a Launch Event in The Hague for Dutch design company 2Cocoon, and I had the opportunity to interview the co-Founders Audry de Beule and Gemma van Ree, before I went shopping for my very own 2Cocoon – not an easy task to choose just one, I might add!! These two ladies kindly took the time to share with me the story of how 2Cocoon came to be…

Audry begins, “the idea started one Autumn evening in 2016, as we were enjoying a nice sunny BBQ, and as frequently happens in The Netherlands the evening chill sets in. Gemma went upstairs and came down with a couple of beautiful (fake) fur blankets – which were soft, cozy and from there a discussion began about how nice they felt, and wouldn’t it be great to have a scarf with this fur”.

(I must at this point acknowledge that as a California girl who has been living in The Hague for the past 8 years, I learned on arrival that the scarf ‘art form’ is alive and well here, and there is a plethora of choice! Obviously in California it is not a common accessory, and there are not that many options – so I adapted quickly).

Gemma shares, “we decided to create our own concept, so we went to The Haagse Markt and bought some fur and fabrics, and we made a couple of scarves for the two of us. We wore these for the winter months and we received so many compliments from friends and family, that in February we decided – let’s do it!

The 2Cocoon concept is: 2 Friends (Gemma & Audry), 2 Fabrics (solid fur & patterned fabric), 2 Countries (Holland & Belgium), and it reflects the journey in friendship – getting to know someone, finding warmth, comfort and yet allowing each woman to be as uniquely beautiful as a butterfly. It is a metaphor that is especially poignant in our expat community of The Hague, where we welcome and embrace people from all over the world. 

This was especially apparent at the first Launch Event where there were women from every continent present, and everyone found their own personal style. Getting to know new people is a way of life for the average expat, and the event clearly showed the warmth of friendship for Audry and Gemma. 

Audry explains, “when Gemma and I would wear our scarves, we heard from everyone, ‘I have so many scarves, but this is something I simply don’t have – I have never seen anything like it’ – this reinforced the idea that we were onto something that would give women another dressing idea – not just another scarf”.

The scarves are individually made in a studio in The Hague, and as such are not (yet) available on the website , but you can find their upcoming events where the scarves are available for sale.

A few upcoming dates to consider:

November 7th: Home sale, Heemstede, NL – (private)

November 11th & 12th: The American Women’s Club Holiday Bazaar

 Carlton Ambassador Hotel, Den Haag, NL

December 2nd: Arthouse, Griet Carens, Westerlo, BE

February 10th: Valentine’s Party, Den Haag, NL – (by invitation only)

Gemma and Audry are both examples of the individuality of their scarves: whilst they both share the same singular vision of purpose in their business, they each have their own unique style which is reflected in the wide diversity of 2Cocoon choice – allowing each woman to discover their own individual butterfly style. Gemma says, “we have poured our heart and soul into this and the unique collection is a mix of who we are”.

I expect we will see the emergence of many 2Cocoon scarves this winter, and I also know that the one scarf I bought is not enough, because there are two more that are already calling my inner butterfly to come out of hiding. I can also see many of these beauties hiding under the Christmas tree for loved ones this December.

For more information on 2Cocoon, visit their website.

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