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My name is Ginny - I am from San Francisco, California and my husband Paul is from Haarlem, The Netherlands. We both have enjoyed an interesting journey in discovery which has led us to establish Youthful Lifestyle. Our story.....

We both have had very successful careers in Sales and Marketing/Communications for large corporations such as California Casualty (me), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (him), followed by 10 years managing a very successful real estate practice together! Since 1998, we have been entrepreneurs, first in California and since 2009, in The Hague in The Netherlands. Corporate life and the manic years in Bay Area real estate, sucked the life out of both of us, leaving us barely able to be emotionally or physically present for the most important challenges of raising four children. Establishing a  'life - work' balance that is both fulfilling and rewarding financially has been an evolution. We also were both struggling to maintain good health and weight, since our stress levels were out of control! Add menopause, the financial crisis and the normal aging process to the picture - and you have the perfect storm!

In 2009 we left the Bay Area and began a simpler life in The Hague. This is where our rejuvenation and evolution began, and while it has been VERY challenging at times - we can both honestly say, that we have never been healthier and we have finally found a life of purpose - sharing our journey and coaching people to find the same while maintaining balance and youth at any age.

We love helping others find their own balance, happiness, health and financial freedom. Does this sound interesting? If so please email us at info@youthfullifestyle.com or fill out the form below, and follow us via our Facebook page, Twitter and on Instagram.

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